Love for fabulous skirts

From left till right: Rag & Bone/ Sandro/ Proenzo Schouler and Majé

For a few weeks, or maybe months, I have a weakness for skirts.
I have thousands ideas of combinations in my head but one BIG problem, I don't have any skirts.
So when I looked online at my favorite (and unfortunately too expensive) webshop www.netaporter.com I saw those pretty eye catchers. 

What do you think about those skirts? And a more important question, how do think about skirts :)


Clouds under my feet

Yes I finally made a choice. I picked the navy ones.
It was very tough to find a pair of NB in my size AND in a lovely color.
So when I saw these beauties I immediately clicked them home.
And for the record, they walk like clouds under your feet. Must be heaven don't you think?

What do you think about them? 


Keep your feet in balance

I know, those shoes are very popular, and I'm a little bit late with buying them.
But who cares? People who love fashion should buy they're gold treasures every second, when it's the right time for it. So now it's my time ;-)

But.. you guys need to help me. WICH COLOR SHOULD I CHOOSE?
Yes this is definitely a tough one, although for me it is.
So give me your best shot and say what's your favorite: basic black, funny green or cool blue/navy.



What are you looking at?

1. Cleaning up my closet... one of the hardest things to do I think.. lol
2. I bought this amazing Isabel Marant bracelet in sale a few weeks ago that forgot to show you
3. I visited the new look of the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam. It was very nice, and after the visit I got an email about a job interview there.. so funny!
4. Something not so fun... I'm moving back to my parents and leaving Amsterdam.. but it's for a good reason. And that I will tell you later, promise
5. Choosing between dresses for my graduation.. always hard to do
6. And of course is this also a tough decision ha-ha


Fashion is a way of living

When I see this picture, it reminds me how I think about fashion.
Fashion is one of the most important things in my life. 
Since I was a little girl, like 2-3 years old, I'm making lots of hours with fashion. 

Like I said, fashion is a way of living.
It makes who you are and how you think of something.
I think most people who love fashion are creative, open minded and interesting people.
Who are able to think and look further about everything in life. 

I think fashion is my drug, how about you?
What means fashion to you?


Stop shutting with your gun, use your pistol boots

Pistol boots/ Acne

I think every girl should own some  diamonds in her shoe closet. 
Bought them a month ago but could make a perfect picture of them.
This was the best (and most expensive (for shoes) buy in my life, but OMG they are so worth it!


3.1. Philip Lim SS13

Ph/ Team Peter Stigter

These are my favorite looks of the 3.1. Philip SS13 show at NYFW.
The collection has a romantic, modern and sophisticated look.
I'm in love with the purple/blueish leopard jacket, the pink overalls and basically all the dresses.

Fall is around the corner

Top/ Rag & Bone - Leather jacket/ Acne - Jumper/ Acne
Sneakers/ New Balance - Sunglasses/ Illesteva - Boots/ Isabel Marant 


Let's fly to the moon

Galaxy shirt/ COS

Words cannot describe how I love this shirt.
The print is amazing and gives me the feeling that I'm going to visit the moon in any minute.

I also think that this shirt is perfect for my graduation, it's chic but also funny.
I will probably wear it with a black jeans/trousers or maybe with some stockings if it's long enough and of course my precious Acne pistol boots.

Did I say pistol boots? Oops, yes I did the BIG purchase. 
More pictures on the blog later ;)


Marc comes to Amsterdam

Yes you are reading it right. Marc by Marc Jacobs comes to Amsterdam.
This will be the first independent store in The Netherlands, how cool is that?
It will be located at the Utrechtsestraat, this is hip and modern street with a lot of cool boutiques and cute restaurants and bars.

I'm very curious about the opening party, and I would love too visite it.
Let's hope!


Leopards keep me warm

Coat/ Zara - Pants/ Zara

OK I know, not the most beautifull picture ever.
I've made with photobooth on my macbook but I really want to show the outfit posts step by step.
At least I show some clothes so It's better than nothing, don't you think?


Paris part 2

1. Love the elephant at this house in Le Marais
2. Amazing citron-merengue pie 
3. Tour de Eiffel by night
4. Street in Le Marais
5. Ugly picture but very delicious macarons. My favorites are: raspberry, citron and vanilla.
6. Rue Saint-Honoré


OMG a new beauty on my face

Can you guess what's inside the bag?
One little hint, it's been on my wish list for ages ;)


Paris part 1

Yes, Paris was a very nice trip.
The first night we ate the most delicious pizza at Mama Shelter.
Unfortunately I forgot to make a picture because I was enjoying the pizza much.

I did some really AMAZING purchases, but first the diary pictures. 

1. The beautiful Seine
2. Cute street near by Le Marais
3. Some frozen yogurt with raspberry's in Le Marais
4. My friend and me (right) chilling at the gardens of Palais Royal 
5. Romance at Pont Neuf
6. Amazing concept store Merci - You should definitely visit it when your in Paris
7. Best falafel of Paris, in Le Marais 


PARIS, Je t'aime

Sorry for the boring blog at the moment, the last was I was so busy with finish my education and working.
After this weekend, full of nice festivals like A day at the park and Appelsap, I will be changing Amsterdam for beautiful Paris. 
Great compromise don't you think? 

When I'm back from Paris I will update my blog as soon as possible. 
Full with posts of lovely Paris and one of my last purchases. One tiny hint, it's from Acne. 


Isabel Marant vs. Acne

I know, these are not the most original shoes. But I'm craving for a pair of these since forever.
The only problem is that I can't choose between these two.
Which will be the first one? Can you help me choose?


LOVE for summer

Last thursday (on my birthday) the summer finally started.
But with what? It was raining all day! Not my thoughts how to start the summer.
Thanks for electronics, who can give us some summer feeling with these lovely pictures.

Sun, I truly miss you

Here a some pictures of my trip to the Cote D'azur.
It was a lovely week with my mother full of lots of sun, lovely diners and also some studying.

These two weeks I'll be heaving my exams so let's hope for the best.