Get your diary.. NOW!

22 march. A day you can't forget. It's the day that the first VOGUE NL comes out. 
A special day in the dutch magazine world I think. Although for me it is.
I buy the VOGUE since I was a little child, serious, when I was on vacation. 
These day's I also buy it when I'm in Holland, but now my own country will have a magazine!
How cool is that?! I'm so excited that made a list to count the days. 

Unfortunately my macbook died so I won't be able to post a lot, so sad!
Tomorrow I'm flying to London but when I'm back I show you some pictures, and maybe with some outfit pictures. If you like. 


London's calling

About exactly two weeks I will be in London with two friends, yay!
I'm so excited and I can't bearly wait to shop at topshop and see the Tate museum.
Walking trough Notting Hill, watch a musical and party at the best clubs.

Do you have any tips that we MUST see, visit or taste? Let me know!
This will be my second time in London but the last time I was here only three days and now I'm here for six (!!!) days. 

Smart eyes

In my eyes are these sunglasses perfect. The perfect size, material, details, color and frame!


Alexander Wang Fall '12

Animals in my closet

After looking for this special item I finally found it! It's a coat/knit from Zara and I looked for her at every freakin store in the country. 
But everywhere sold out! So I tried to find it on a dutch ebay. I checked it every single day and yes 4 days later I found this beauty. 
I show you guys some outfit pictures later. Have a nice saturday!