Kate Moss is a supermodel, cool person, fashion icon and now for the 4th time in a row an art-object. 
Yes you read it right, this woman has it al. 

Light-artist Chris Levine and make-up artis Charlotte Tilbury made a holografic portrait of Kate Moss. How cool is that? Especially if you know that the person for her who had holografic portrait was The Queen.

If your going to London soon or maybe live there, then you can visit her at The Fine Art Society.
It starts on the 17th of May but one month later you can check here out at Selfridges while you getting some new shoes ;) 


Pink suits

These are my favorites from the latest Zara-lookbook.
I'm in love with the pink suit and the (how can it be?) bomber jacket!
Wich outfit would you like to wear?


Miuccia Prada, Illesteva or Karen Walker?

Prada/ Illesteva/ Karen Walker

Every summer I buy a great pair of designer sunnies, and like every year I have ofcourse my favorites.
This year I'm doubting between those pretties.
What is your advice? Would you go for here-am-I glittery blue, basic tortoise or something new like this buttery white color.

Right know I'm doubting between Miuccia Prada and Karel Walker.


Dream trip trough Asia: Vietnam

Rainy Hanoi - Misty Halong Bay - Callicrafy during TET (Vietnamese New Year) - Royal gardens
Hoi An Beach - Crazy times with Desi - Roadtrip - Red Dunes in Mui Ne - Fishing Village in Mui Ne

After my four weeks in Thailand and Laos I moved forward (or upward) to Hanoi, Vietnam.
When I arrived in Hanoi (capital of Vietnam) the Vietnamese new year just started... so most of the museums were closed.. they said. But me and my friends always found a way to entertain ourself so I had a great time there. After Hanoi I travelled south - Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Mui Ne and at the and former capital: Ho Chi Minch. I had an amazing month in Vietnam. Met a LOT of great people from different countries, saw special things, learned a lot and had great parties (also important ;)). 

Enjoy the pictures! 


Let's kick some ass

Suit/ Zara TRF collection

When I saw this picture on the blog Styleguide I immediately fell in love.
OMG how awesome is the color, the fabric, the shorts WITH a blazer or should I say, EVERYTHING?
Seriously, I love everyting about this suit.. so when I'm back on track (read: work) I'm gonna put my ass in this funky colored suit. 


Dream trip trough Asia: Thailand & Laos

Bangkok -  Streets of Bangkok - Tempel area in Chiang Mai - Golden Triangle 
Tempel in Chiang Rai area -  White Tempel in Chiang Rai -  Mekong river - Kuang Si waterfalls near Luang Prabang

During my trip trough Asia I visited a lot of different countries. My first country was Thailand.
I've spend there three weeks in January and three weekend in April. 
The pictures you see are from my first weeks of my trip with my partner in crime Alie.
We had a lot of fun during those weeks ;) we visited Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pai and Chiang Rai.
After Chiang Rai we took the slow boat to Luang Prabang in Laos but first we had a overnight stop in Pakbeng. 



Majé/ Isabel Marant/ Alexander Wang

Lately I have a (big) thing for bomberjackets, especially the ones with a special fabric like these.
The Majé one is more sporty but with a chique twist because of the fabric, the Isabel Marant is just perfect. I would combinate it with a used jeans or on a nice dress. And than... the Alexander Wang. How cool can a bomber be? Perfect quilted black leather. In one word, A-MA-ZING!

FYI: I allready found a perfect budget one at H&M in Kuala Lumpur ;) I will show it soon on the blog!



Some inspiration.


Back in business

BAM! I survived my four month trip to Asia!
Sorry for my bad blogging months, but now I'm back!

It was one of the best thing I EVER did in my life, really it was amazing.
In those four months I visited Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia en Malaysia.
So in the next few weeks I will show you some pictures (and hotspots) of my trip.



First of all I wish you all a healthy, fashionable, happy and exciting 2013.
I had a great evening with friends at a costume party, I was dressed like the Black Swan.
What did you do?

Sorry for the lazy postings.. but I was working my ass off (like 7 days a week) for my BIG trip to Asia.
Next monday I'm flying solo to Bangkok for four months.
I will be visiting Thailand, Bangkok, parts of Laos & Cambodja and maybe something else.

So for now I will think about my new year resolutions and when I'm ready I share them with you all. 

Enjoy your day!