Dream trip trough Asia: Vietnam

Rainy Hanoi - Misty Halong Bay - Callicrafy during TET (Vietnamese New Year) - Royal gardens
Hoi An Beach - Crazy times with Desi - Roadtrip - Red Dunes in Mui Ne - Fishing Village in Mui Ne

After my four weeks in Thailand and Laos I moved forward (or upward) to Hanoi, Vietnam.
When I arrived in Hanoi (capital of Vietnam) the Vietnamese new year just started... so most of the museums were closed.. they said. But me and my friends always found a way to entertain ourself so I had a great time there. After Hanoi I travelled south - Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Mui Ne and at the and former capital: Ho Chi Minch. I had an amazing month in Vietnam. Met a LOT of great people from different countries, saw special things, learned a lot and had great parties (also important ;)). 

Enjoy the pictures! 

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