Spring you can come now!

The man repeller/ unknown/ AfterDRK

These 5 photo's makes me feel i'm more ready for spring than ever. 
Unfortunately the weather don't agree with me but I want to bare my legs.
I think everyone is more happy when the sun is shining, so sun come out come out wherever you are, it's time to shine!  


Which one of the three: sunglasses

1. Céline - 2. Acne - 3. Illesteva

For the ones who don't know, I have a major crush for sunglasses.
Especially for gorgeous ones like these.

For this season I want to invest in a perfect pair of sunnies.
These three are my biggest crushes. 
So my question for you is, can you help me choose?
Of course I will make my own choice eventually but some help is never wrong.

Which of the three?
The Acne, Céline or the Illesteva. 


Wardrobe issues are big issues

At the moment I am re-planning my wardrobe, and believe that's not the easiest thing to do.
What I need is perfection but since it's not that easy to get that, it will take a while when I arrive in the perfect wardrobe dream.

It's not that I don't like my wardrobe but a some point you want something new. Something fresh.
Maybe is that the other thing that I'm looking for, freshness.

But first things first, saving my ass off to get all those pretty things that are on my wish list(s).
Wish me luck and I keep you guys posted.


Isabel Marant makes everything better, prettier and cooler

Jeans/ Zara - Tshirt/ Zara - Vest/ Isabel Marant - Shoes/ Filippa K - Sunnies/ Ray-Ban 

This is what I'll be wearing to the AMFI admission day.
For the ones who don't know AMFI (you should be ashamed) - It's (in mine opinion) the coolest fashion education in The Netherlands. And because it's so cool, you have to do an admission to get in. My admission is this saturday so keep your fingers crossed. 

Back to the outfit.
Not a very special outfit but I think the Isabel Marant vest makes is super duper hot.
The vest cost way too much for me but every time I see it, it gives me a smile on my face.

I know everyone like real outfit posts but at the moment I'm too shy for that. 
The time will come. 


Love the whites

Jeans/ Citizens of Humanity - Sweater/ La Garconne Moderne - Sunnies/ Acne - Shirt/ Alexander Wang - Shoes/ Isabel Marant 

White. At the moment you can see this color everywhere. And I love it.
Not that the fact that you can see it everywhere, but the color.
So my mission for this spring is: finding the perfect white clothes.


Iris van Herpen vs. Groninger museum

A few ago - on the 23th of march - I went to the opening of the Iris van Herpen exhibition at the Groninger museum.
I just got one word. AWESOME. 
That -27 year old- girl knows how to design arts in fashion. 
SOOO go the the exhibition, it's a must see - the long traveling is worth it!

Céline. Come to me please.

Tshirt/ Acne - Pants/ CurrentElliot - Sunnies/ Céline - Nailpolish/ Essie

How amazing are these Céline sunglasses?!
The next months I'm living on water and bread so I can give this beauty a new home.

The other items would also fit in my wardrobe... Mommy?!