Which one of the three: sunglasses

1. Céline - 2. Acne - 3. Illesteva

For the ones who don't know, I have a major crush for sunglasses.
Especially for gorgeous ones like these.

For this season I want to invest in a perfect pair of sunnies.
These three are my biggest crushes. 
So my question for you is, can you help me choose?
Of course I will make my own choice eventually but some help is never wrong.

Which of the three?
The Acne, Céline or the Illesteva. 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ok, ok, ok. This one is a definite toughie, but I think you should go with the Celine. The shape is more timeless and brown is a color that goes with more. But honestly I love all three, so any of them would be divine to own.

  2. die van celine! wauwieee, die wil ik ook!