London hotspots

This was the second time for me in London.
The last time I've been there only three day's so this time there was time enough to find some treasure hotspots.

I made a few categories for you, so it's easy to find the hotspot you are looking for.

Food and drinks:

1. Kastner and Ovens, 52 Floral Street Covent Garden, London WC2E

Kastner and Ovens is an take away organization.
It has the best organic food and the people are really nice there.
The price is a little bit higher that the regular Mark and Spencers but It's worth it!

2. Heddon Street, somewhere between Mayfair and Central London

In Heddon Street you can find a lot of cute restaurants. And when you a few minutes, you are in the most beautiful shopping area with stores like Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga.

3. Ella's Bakehouse, Covent Garden The Piazza, London WC2E 8RB

You already saw Ella's Bakehouse in my London diary. 
The cupcakes are amazing and the prices are good. You pay between two or three pound each. It depends on the size of your cupcake. And if you really want to enjoy your cupcake you can sit in- or outside with some thee or coffee if you like.

4. Princi Bakery, 135 Wardour Street, Soho London W1F

Princi Bakery is an easy going restaurant. The food is cheap and the locating is perfect, it is in lovely Soho. The food is very nice and the people are most of the time no tourists. Very important if you ask me ;)


1. Fabric, 77A Charterhouse Street, London EC1M 6HJ

For the best parties you have to visit Fabric, especially on sunday. Why? I seriously don't know. Maybe because the vibe is very good on sunday. 

Fashion and lifestyle:

1. Spitalfield Market, 

The Spitalfield Market is in mine opinion the best market in whole London. Last week I tried a lot of markets and this was my favorite. Also this hotspot is the best on sunday. You can find here original pieces from young designers, vintage and delicious food. Don't forget any space because in every corner you can find a treasure.

2. Blondie Vintage, 15 Hanbury Street, London E1 6QR

This is a very good vintage store. I saw here an amazing Hermes (!!!) bag for only 200 pounds. Unfortunately I didn't had any space in my suitcase... So when your in London, you HAVE to visit this magic store. 

3. Bang Bang clothing exchange, 9 Berwick Street, London W1 or 21 Goodge Street, London W1

Another amazing vintage store. I saw here a cute Luella pants but it was too small for me. 
This is absolutely a store you have to visit when your in town.

4. Harrods

I know, this is an very touristic store but the bag department is A-MA-ZING!
The last time I've been here I tried on every single Balenciaga and CĂ©line bag. It felt like a dream came true. 

5. Topshop

Do I need to say more? Topshop is great.

For some art I would advice the Tate Modern, Design Museum, National Portrait Gallery and the Fashion & Textile Museum.

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